Day 2 at #Coachella2014. Couples BP challenge…. Losers shot gun a beer… #camplife #coorslight #turnup (at Coachella Polo Fields)

  • 2 hours ago

Wouldn’t have come with any other crew besides mine! I love them so fucken much! Through the good times and bad, we are all together as one. #Coachella2014 started off with a BANG! #hungover #sunburnt #turnUP! (at Coachella Polo Fields)

  • 17 hours ago

Happy 23rd Birthday to my cousin @jayjaylee9! It’s been an awesome journey growing up with you by my side, and this journey is just starting! I love you cuz! And I’m so fucken proud of you! Continue dominating this world, and always know that I will always be right there beside you, supporting you every step of the way! Glad we got to meet up at #Coachella2014! (at Coachella Polo Fields)

  • 17 hours ago

Day 1 is about to commence with the start with @GarethEmery! #ConcreteAngel! (at Eldorado Polo Club)

  • 22 hours ago

Had less than a couple hours of sleep, went speed racer all the way to the airport, and got through a crowded security within 5 minutes. First vacation in 2 months. First flight within the states with BAE! #COACHELLA2014 we coming for you! (at San Jose International Airport (SJC))

  • 1 day ago

Looking back at the glory days… Reminiscing down memory lane. Happy #ThrowBackThursday! #ThankGodItsThursday

  • 1 day ago

Wishin my #SHouse Bruh @dchinn7275 a Happy 23rd Birthday! (at 5A5 Steak Lounge)

  • 2 days ago

"Words, if you’re good with them, will suffice to an extent. Pictures are just raw truth. They’re little windows into what was."

I’m always taking pictures with her whenever I get the chance because I love looking back at all the memories we’ve shared.

Distance has proved a slight challenge for us, not that fact that we simply can’t do distance but the fact that with distance, our hearts grow fonder day after day. We might not live with each other anymore, but when living apart were challenging ourselves to the changes that are happening constantly. She’s making me realize that I can’t live without her. She’s the best in every way. #wcw Hump Day is always dedicated to @mariclay ❤️ (at Casa De Kwan)

  • 3 days ago

Welcoming @tiffster_tiffany to the #CrownCastleCrew with some PepperLunch. My first time! 👍#nonewfriends (at Pepper Lunch USA)

  • 4 days ago

#throwbacktuesday LETS GET READY TO RAGE! Getting fucken gittery/excited for #Coachella this weekend! (at Ruby Skye)

  • 4 days ago

Dinner with the parents, aunt and uncle and the lady 😊 (at Amakara Sushi & Bar)

  • 5 days ago
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I guess this will be the last Sunday @xmollyobrienx will pretend to go to Bible study to get out of work early… It’s been fun workin with her, but now I won’t have to work as hard… She was such a slacker! Lol #TeamRoseGarden (at Starbucks)

  • 5 days ago

Sometimes it’s nice to have a sober weekend, and enjoy some snowflake. #doubledating with my big! (at Snowflake Tea House)

  • 6 days ago

Finally big kid paychecks can take us to nice places to have dinner. @mariclay and I treating my parents to dinner for being awesome parents. #doubledating with my parents? Not as bad as I thought. #familytime (at Ruth’s Chris Steak House)

  • 1 week ago
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#FlashBackFriday to about 9 years ago, when being in the pool year round was normal, when swimming lap after lap felt like such a simple task. Practice after practice, you would swim with the same group of people, and at the end of it all, when you hit time for Championships, the end of the summer season, all the time invested would pay off. Became friends with a group of friends, that would last a lifetime. We don’t get to see each other as much, but when we do, it’s like no time has really passed. I miss swimming. #AquaBears #throwback (at San Ramon Royal Vista Golf Course)

  • 1 week ago