Farewell to our friend @kdangg4! Good luck with med school! Out of all of us, you can rage and study and still make it to med school! Always a good time partying you man! See you again soon! (at San Francisco International Airport (SFO))

  • 8 hours ago

First time getting protein style cheeseburgers…. And I think the oysters that we had this weekend got to her… (at In-N-Out)

  • 10 hours ago

#TURNUP with my very own #SombreroLady! #wcw (at Polk Street)

  • 19 hours ago

Well…. I finally made it to the family dinner after an hour’s worth of traffic and getting called out on #IG. Some bomb ass Mac n cheese! (at Homeroom)

  • 1 day ago

"I like it when your eyes are closed…. But baby… My eyes are open…. Haha EXACTLY!"

She’s always givin me shit about my eyes…. 😑

(at Casa De Kwan)

  • 3 days ago

So fucken happy I got to see them tonight! (at Monroe)

  • 4 days ago

Decided to skip the 3 hour lines at the #RamenFestival, to get some for dinner. (at Shalala Ramen)

  • 4 days ago

Out in Japantown checking out the #RamenFestival (at Japantown)

  • 4 days ago

Having oysters on the bay front. #sofresh (at Waterbar)

  • 4 days ago

She’s the best! ❤️ (at Casa De Maribel)

  • 5 days ago

It’s been fun San Diego, but I’m ready to be back home. Thank you #CrownCastle for a great experience at the #MidYearMeeting2014! (at San Diego International Airport)

  • 6 days ago

"You don’t remember the days, you remember the moments." #tbt Road trip with @brittanytomie to visit @vandy_xii in LA

  • 6 days ago

My #bestfriend came to visit me before he left! (at Paradise Point Resort & Spa)

  • 1 week ago

Meet the dynamic duo with the Quality Control Team of Joint Pole Admin Team of #CrownCastle. Turn up? Lol (at Moonshine Flats)

  • 1 week ago

On the last day of our stay, #CrownCastle had us do a scavenger hunt. Most random picture taken. Ended up at the Hard Rock Hotel takin pictures by the private pool with Coworkers from other offices. #teambonding (at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego)

  • 1 week ago